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Club History

In 1956, the Medley family put in the first slalom course at the north end of Lake Sammamish, Washington. After a summer of battling angry fishermen and having the slalom (beach balls) stolen, the course was abandoned.

Three years later the club successfully petitioned the state engineers for a slalom course and jump. This slalom course, with its quartered inner tube buoys, believe it or not, stayed intact! As early as 1964, club members were instrumental in improving and revising laws related to water skiing in King County. Safety demonstrations were also given at Seward Park, Seattle.

As interest in competitive skiing grew, so did the number of tournaments. It became necessary to attempt to alleviate conflicting dates. The Northwest Water Ski Federation was formed, with the first few presidents being members of LSWSC.

In 1961, the club was asked to co-sponsor the Seafair tournament on Greenlake with Greater Seattle, Inc. This association continued for over 20 years.

LSWSC sponsored the Western Regionals (1961 & 1967), Nationals on Greenlake (1972), and Nationals on O'Brien Lake (1974).

Notable previous club members: Jeff Jobe, Wally Burr, Herb O'Brien, Ed Le Cocq (torque), Roger Tweeter (EP), and Greg Horn (Connelly).


Tax Deductible - 501 c3
Lake Sammamish Waterski Club is recognized by the IRS as a not for profit 501c3 charitable organization. Your donation to Lake Sammamish Waterski Club is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. However, certain donations in which donors receive a good or service in return for a donation are not tax deductible or may be only partially deductible. Please consult with your financial advisor for the tax implications of your donation.

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