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     In 1956, the Medley family put in the first slalom course at the north end of Lake Sammamish, Washington. After a summer of battling angry fishermen and having the slalom (beach balls) stolen, the course was abandoned. Three years later the club successfully petitioned the state engineers for a slalom course and jump. This slalom course, with its quartered inner tube buoys, believe it or not, stayed intact! As early as 1964, club members were instrumental in improving and revising laws related to water skiing in King County. Safety demonstrations were also given at Seward Park, Seattle.


     As interest in competitive skiing grew, so did the number of tournaments. It became necessary to attempt to alleviate conflicting dates. The Northwest Water Ski Federation was formed, with the first few presidents being members of LSWSC. In 1961, the club was asked to co-sponsor the Seafair tournament on Greenlake with Greater Seattle, Inc. This association continued for over 20 years.


     The club sponsored the Western in 1961 and 1967. The 1972 Nationals at Greenlake and the 1974 Regionals at O’Brien Lake were also club events. Many of our competitive skiers achieve state, regional and national recognition for setting new records in slalom, tricks and jumping.


     We are very proud of the fact that many notable ski manufacturers such as Jeff Jobe, Wally Burr, Herb O’Brien, Ed Le Cocq (Torque), Roger Tweeter (EP), and Greg Horn (Connelly) have been active members of our club.

Ski Fari was started in 1961 as a social weekend to end the ski season. This fun filled event was held at Wapato Point for many years. Recently, Ski Fari moved to Duroga Park and finally arrived at Lake Entiat. It remains a fun time for friends and family to gather.


     Rick Stocks, a former president of LSWSC from 1984 to 1988, has been quite successful with his International Novice Tour venture. You can find the organization in the Waterski Web. Our support of their organization has extended so far as to award them the management of LSWSC’s Greenlake Tournaments. They offer a great deal of assistance in support, advertising and organization.


     The Emerald City Ski Team was formed in 1988 to promote precision water ski shows in the Northwest. The show ski team started as a group of 8 people and has grown to over 30 members. We are proud to have them as a part of our club.

Community service is key in the LSWSC’s agenda. In 1994, the club sponsored a ski clinic for the blind at Bro Ho Lake, Washington. We also sponsored a ski clinic for inner city youth from the Central Area Youth Association.


     Named the # 1 Club in the Western Region by USA Water Ski. 1997 & 1998


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