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     The Lake Sammamish Waterski Club has much to offer to members and to the local community. During the club’s active months, from March until September, members can enjoy participating in a variety of activities from monthly meetings to tournaments and involvement with local youth organizations. Click the links below for further information on the organization, activities, and policies of the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club:

Community Events

     The Lake Sammamish Waterski Club is pleased to sponsor activities which benefit the local community. Water Skiing for the Blind and Inter-City Youth Day are among the events which the club actively supports on a yearly basis.

Have another community event you’d like us to support? Contact President Rick Kearns

Lake Rentals

     The club schedules approximately six multi-day and single-day private lake rental events in Eastern Washington each summer. Popular locations include Sun Basin Ski Ranch, Tate Lake, and Koreis Lake. See the Events Calendar for dates and locations.


      Lake Rental reservations are made on first-come, first-served basis. Payment is required to hold a reservation. There are 15-17 spots available for multi-day rentals. There are 8 spots available for one-day rentals.


     The club meets on the second Tuesday of every month at various locations in the local area. The monthly meetings give members the opportunity to socialize and plan club activities. Members attending club meetings receive bonus bucks, redeemable at the annual Christmas party auction.


     Newcomers and Guests are ALWAYS welcome at the meetings!


     See the Meetings Schedule for dates, times, and locations.


     The Lake Sammamish Waterski Club is organized into an Executive Board and Executive Committee. Members holding positions within these groups are referred to as Club Officers. The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer comprise the Executive Board. The Membership Secretary and Social, Booklet and Sponsor, Legal, Tournament, and Lake Rental Chairs officer positions make up the Executive Committee.


     Questions about any aspect of the Lake Sammamish Waterski Club should be directed to the appropriate club officer. Officers can be contacted via email here.


     The Lake Sammamish Waterski Club sponsors and supports novice, intermediate, and USA Water Ski-sanctioned events throughout the season. Lots of fun! See the Events Schedule for dates, times, and locations.


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